Where learning and fun go Hand-In-Hand

Mon - Fri: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Infants – Twos

(6 weeks thru 12 months)
A nurturing and educational environment for your baby

In this warm, nurturing environment your baby is treated with love and respect. We will  be partners with you watching your infant grow, take his or her first steps, and speak their first words. Your infant will learn to trust and build their confidence as they begin growing. The developmentally appropriate toys and equipment will give your child challenging opportunities and new experiences. Each infant is unique and will be kept on a personalized schedule while promoting their cognitive and social development.


We currently use a electronic daily report. To see report please click below. 

Toddler Room

​(12 months thru 24 Months)
a world full of new experiences and discovery

In our toddler room your child will learn through sensory experiences which will enhance their language, motor and social skills. Your toddler has so many things he or she wants to do and see and we will be there to help your child discover a whole new world. They will begin to walk, talk and develop relationships and lasting friendships. Toddlers are very curious, so our classroom is set up so they can explore safely while building motor skills, developing their balance as well as improving coordination. Your toddler will be introduced to books, music, art, dance and drama which will help your child learn and grow.


(24 months thru 36 Months)
a busy day of exploration awaits

Twos are very curious about their world and their environment. Children at this age are busy exploring and learning to communicate with their peers and their adults in his or her life. They seek their independence but also start learning how to play within a group. At The Children's Place we focus on developing your child, by focusing on education and social skills. Our teachers will keep your child engaged and busy with activities specially designed for this age group. Your child will learn and grow through songs, games, science, art, dramatic play, story telling and social interaction. We encourage child-directed play with teacher initiated group time and activities.